Ambigrams Revealed Challenge 03 Submissions


Happy Halloween fellow ambigrammists and designers! This is (what will become) a yearly Halloween ambigram fest! Today we have 30+ submissions that are scary good! Don’t be frightened…take a look!

The submissions for Halloween 2013 were absolutely fantastic! Between new participants and participants that the community already knows, this was quite a diverse range of styles. See all of the submissions in the gallery below, take a look at the ‘Ambigram News’ section at the end of the article, and as always…Please note: All work is copyrighted to each individual artist. Do not use the artists’ work without their written permission.

There were some explanations included with several submissions, but as you can see, they were not posted. The reason is as follows: there’s something to be said for the discovery process that each one of us goes through to understand an ambigram. For this ARC, I wanted to preserve that process, as well as see how readable and legible the ambigrams are. But, here are some hints, without giving away the ambigrams themselves.
• One of Julien’s ambigrams has reflective symmetry, as well as using a word in French rather than English.
• Quite a few ambigrams are of villainous names from other cultures and folklore. Once you read the ambigram, take a look online and see what you can find.

So, there you have it…the Halloween 2013 submissions! A huge thanks to everyone for participating.

Ambigram News

The next two Ambigrams Revealed Challenges are worth waiting for!
• ARC04 will be a sponsored challenge from Dan Chan Magic Man! He has sponsored several challenges in the past, and each one has had a great turnout. And if you’re not familiar with Dan, take a look at his website and videos…he’s a fantastic magician!
• ARC05 will involve curse words in different languages!

That’s all that will be revealed about the upcoming challenges! The winner of the ARC03 will be posted within two weeks, so stay tuned!


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  1. Love the participation here. A round of applause for everyone involved at ambigrams revealed.

    I swear I cannot wait for arc5. Great idea. I hope it’s taken in the spirit and is not censored too much.

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