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This article promises to be exciting as it not only reveals the winner of ARC02, but also reveals the topic for ARC03! What are you waiting for?


For Ambigrams Revealed Challenge 02, there were some fantastic submission. The lettering style, the word choices, and the range of creativity proved once again how talented and multi-faceted our ambigram community is. As much as it would’ve been great to have them all win, there was one ambigram which stood out the most.

01 diego_columbo_prometheus

The Winner – Diego Colombo

This ambigram was spot on! Beautiful concept and execution, and color/texture that, while being a major design element, was a subtle element and didn’t take away from the letterforms or intervene with the perception of the ambigram. Congratulations Diego!

Honorable Mentions

There were plenty of other submissions, both from seasoned veterans and new participants alike. Here are a few honorable mentions in no particular order.

02 zeus-king-of-gods-Basile-Morin

Basile Morin

03 dan adona thor72

Dan Adona Jr. 

04 daniel_dostal_homer_iliada_ambigram_arac02

Daniel Dostal

05 cherylsavala

Cheryl Savala

06 eytan eytanwronker2-1

Eytan Wronker

07 good and evil twins Thor-and-Loki

Good and Evil twins

Another fantastic Ambigrams Revealed Challenge! A huge thanks to all the participants!


The timing for this challenge couldn’t have been better, as today is the dreaded Friday the 13th! It happens several times a year, and every time it turns into a marathon of scary movies in a dark room that leaves people screaming in terror or laughing from the absurdity of it all. Friday the 13th movies (as well as many other movies) have reached a cult status in our culture and have cemented a permanent place in our society. That’s why the topic for the next ARC challenge is…VILLAINS!!!

The Challenge

You are allowed to choose a villain from any book, movie, comic book, cartoon, etc. (Please note: do not use any villainous characters that may have inadvertently been used in ARC02.) For inspiration, take a look at the 365 Villains Blog by illustrator & designer Gyula Nemeth. Not only will you see some fantastic illustration work, but you will also see just how many villains there are out there!

Submission details

How many pieces can you submit? You can submit up to 4 pieces.
What types of ambigrams are accepted? ANY type of ambigram.
What types of files are acceptable? JPG, GIF, or PNG, at 72dpi.
Where do I submit the finished work? Email the files to (Please note: in the future, there will be an email dedicated solely to submissions. For now, please use Use the subject line: “your name” + “Ambigram Revealed Challenge 03 Entries.”)
What is the challenge deadline? You need to have all your work submitted by October 24th. The results WILL be posted on Halloween, October 31st!

Any questions?

Please email with any questions.


• More interviews with artists from Ambigrams Revealed will be posted. Check back frequently! 


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  1. Congratulations to Diego and all the artists without exception!
    Prometheus is a great piece from Diego, that’s for sure!

    Can’t wait to see the next submissions… I hope there will be more ambigramists to take part this time. It seems like some are missing… where are you guys?

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